Welcome to Two off the Top!

If you’re here, it’s probably because of something related to board games. Could be reviews, strategies, previews, or just my ramblings. In any case, thanks for reading.



If you’d like to contact me, feel free to send me an email at kmtwooffthetop@gmail.com.

I can also be followed on Twitter @Twooffthetop and Instagram @Twooffthetop.



  • If you’re curious about my review policies, I want you to know that every review will be impartial and of the highest-quality that I can produce. I will not let outside forces (developers, publishers, etc.) alter my views.
  • I do accept review copies from developers and publishers. If I am provided with a copy from a designer, publisher, etc. I will make note when in the review but that won’t change my unbiased thoughts. Most games are bought or traded for.
  • I have written previews of upcoming games (under “First Look…”) but those have been games that I’ve sought out under my own volition at conventions, demo days, and print and plays. If I’m given anything, there will be a disclaimer.
  • I am not paid for my views.
  • I try to play a game at least ten times before reviewing it. I am lucky to have a large group of friends who enjoy board games and put up with me (as well as a doting fianceĆ©), so it allows different perspectives and intricacies to be revealed.
  • Games not readily available to me (such as those under the “First Look…” banner) will be played once and it’s more of an initial thought as opposed to a full-blown review.
  • I’d like to venture into video or podcasts in the near future but I’m not there yet. Maybe one day.
  • I also upload my reviews to Board Game Geek when I remember to. I also have an active trade list if anyone wants to swap.
  • I’m interested in what you have to say! Disagree with me, agree with me, call me out on mistakes, mention a game you’d like to hear my take on or a game you’d think I’d like. As long as you’re not rude, I’ll respond. I love talking about board games!


Hope that covers everything.

– Kurt M.