Temporary Hiatus

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to take a short hiatus from my normal posting schedule. With the current state of affairs in the United States, board games are not providing me the joy or escape from reality that they once were. While I’m playing more games than ever (thanks to Board Game Arena), I really miss the in-person interactions of seeing my friends and family. I’ll still post here and there but for the time being, there won’t be a weekly post. I’ll honestly probably take this time to post everything on BGG as I am way behind on doing that.

I will return to the regular posting schedule at some point. I enjoy doing this and love the conversations that I’ve had with people over the years. Whether it be on here, via email, on Instagram/Twitter/Reddit, I’ve learned a lot about games that I already own as well as about games that I’ve since added to my collection thanks to recommendations. I also really appreciate all the viewership and support over the last few years. I never thought one person would read my blog; let alone thousands. This blog was started to keep me sane during grad school (as I needed to write something fun instead of profit analytics) and while I never monetized it, I have reaped the benefits of invites to conventions and board games to play and talk about.

In the meantime, please ensure that if you’re a US citizen you’re not only registered to vote but planning to. In the event you cannot physically attend on election day, do check your states early voting rules and drop off box locations. Check into being an election official to help ensure a safe election process (if not too late).

Please continue to practice social distancing and if the opportunity doesn’t present itself, wear a mask. As someone who had COVID-19, this is not something to take lightly. I’m a moderately healthy thirty-one year old male and I was completely debilitated. Almost eight months later and I still don’t know if I’ll ever be one hundred percent. It pains me how America has just treated COVID as just another checklist item as opposed to taking it seriously like the majority of the world. I don’t think I’ll ever trust a political party that made a global pandemic a partisan issue. My heart goes out to the over 200,000 (at the time of this post) individuals that have lost their lives and the many more who are in recovery. I hope everyone does their best to stay safe during the fall and winter.

Lastly, black lives matter.

Thank you all and stay safe and sane,


Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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