Western Legends: The Good, the Bad and the Handsome Expansion Review

What you get: 19 full-sized ‘poker’ cards (which includes three new characters and sixteen story cards), 12 tiny sized goal cards and 12 legendary items. New artwork is included while still matching the design of the base game. Once mixed together, you’ll have no way to tell which cards came from what set. This is good as it makes everything seamless and you won’t be able to spot say, a legendary item from the desk at a distance but is also bad as there’s no easy way to separate the cards once they’re mixed together. There is a handy list on BGG of the cards here. I don’t see any reason to separate once they’re mixed together though. This expansion slots in seamlessly with the base game. Regarding the three new characters, there are only character cards; no new minis.

What it adds: This expansion adds variety to the game. It’s less new rules but more additional stuff to bolster the base game. This could easily be added before someones first play and it wouldn’t change the difficulty level in the slightest. The two big changes are the fight ability included with the story cards and the legendary items. With the fight ability and the new characters, it seems like this expansion is geared towards promoting more player interaction. On that end, I think it does make interaction more of a priority but it was only noticeable in two-player games (as I feel three- and four-player games have enough already).

Would I recommend it?: Kinda. If you love Western Legends and play it a lot, I recommend it. If you see it on a store shelf for discount and you like Western Legends, I would get it. If what you got in the base box of Western Legends was enough, I’d pass. If you want to only get one expansion, I would pass on this one. There just isn’t enough bang for your buck when you could purchase any of the other expansions. The price for what equates to forty-three cards and one page of rules seems extravagant.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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