Don’t Get Got! Review

What is it? Don’t Get Got! is a party game that is played in the background of another activity (such as a BBQ, a party, another board game).

How thematic is it? There isn’t a theme.

Is it easy to play? Easy to understand, yes. Easy to play? That depends on your comfort when it comes to social interactions.

So what do you do exactly? Players are given a wallet with six secret goals that they hope to accomplish against other players. They can complete these in any order and an anyway they want; they just cannot be called out for trying to accomplish their goal. If they’re called out, they are got and the goal is forfeited. If they successfully complete their goal, they’ll say You Got Got! and mark their goal as complete. The first player to complete three goals is the winner.

Why wouldn’t you just call everything out? You could but that takes the fun out of the game. As long as you play in the spirit of the game, everything should be fine.

Is the game family friendly? For the most part, yes. There are a few cards that I wouldn’t want to use in an office setting or with small children (such as hugging) but that’s it. Nothing crude or vulgar that I’ve experienced yet and I’ve played almost twenty times.

Is there a lot of replayability? There are a 180 unique goal cards and eight standard goal cards so there is plenty of variability so even if you see some of the same goals, you shouldn’t have an identical wallet from a previous game.

How are the components? The wallets are fine but the slips of goals are flimsy and can be bent or ripped if players aren’t careful, especially when they’re being placed into the wallet. My only complaint with the wallet is that it appears that the goals should be able to fit under both sections of plastic (which would create a secure fit) and I have no idea how that is possible without bending the cards.

How much real estate does this game take up? When played, the wallet for each player can fit into a regular pants pocket. The box on the other hand is an awkward square shape that doesn’t fit comfortably on a shelf. I transferred the entire game into a deck box for easier storage and portability and haven’t looked back.

Original Game
I think this is a 200 card deck box.
Everything accounted for.

What about player count? The game supports two to ten players (because that’s how many little wallets there are). You could play with more players without wallets if you’d like and I have no reason to believe that this game isn’t scale-able with more players. If I was playing with more than fifteen however, I would just buy another copy.

The game can be played at any player count. My SO and myself have been playing two-player throughout COVID quarantining as it breaks up the monotony of the day. Not all cards will work for a two-player game but most do. For a perfect balance, I think five or more players is the sweet spot as people tend to let their guard down the more players there are.

Can it be played solo? No.

Playing time? Completely variable. This could be played over a day, a weekend, a dinner, a car trip and more.

How much randomness is present in the game? The cards are randomly drawn for each player and with the wide array of cards, there are clearly some that are much easier than others. I wouldn’t put too much stock into the randomness however because while there is a ‘winner’ of Don’t Get Got!, it’s more of a social event than a competitive one.

How interactive is the game? 100%. You have to interact to play.

Is there much downtime? Yes. Don’t Get Got! is more of a background activity as opposed to a game you sit down and play. So there will be time when you’re not actively engaged in playing but your goals should still be on your mind. Just because someone isn’t getting got at that exact moment doesn’t mean the game isn’t being played.

A look at the wallets

Does winning feel satisfying? Honestly? No. It does feel good to get someone but in my opinion, winning just ends the game and most people would rather just keep playing.

Does the same strategy work each game? No. The cards are randomly assigned and what worked last time won’t work this time since the scenario is completely different.

Is this a good gateway game? Not really because this isn’t a game you sit down and play. It’s more of a background event.

Is there a possibility of a runaway winner? Yes, someone could complete all of their goals in quick succession.

Is there player elimination? There can be but this can easily be remedied by just having that player draw more cards.

Can a player that falls behind catch-up? Yes.

What should I know before my first game? This won’t be for everyone. It’s an incredibly social game and sometimes you may need to put yourself in a position that you’re not normally in. Nothing has ever made us uncomfortable but it may ask you to make a phone call or say a certain phrase that is outside your comfort zone.

Any memorable experiences? The first time we played was at PAX Unplugged. Our group played over the course of the entire convention and it was one of the most fun days in recent memory. Some examples of Got’s include:

My SO telling me she loves me, which prompted me to tell her I loved her back. She immediately yelled ‘You Got Got!’. It was the first ‘You Got Got!’ and happened in the early morning as we prepped for the convention. It set the tone for the day. – Have another player tell you they love you

Me yelling POW at my SO, who asked ‘are you saying Pow?’. I immediately yelled ‘You Got Got!’. This occurred minutes after the first story above. – Have another player finish a movie quote (Stepbrothers)

M favorite one. My friend and SO spent the entire day trying to juggle items. Whether it was a wooden die business card, hotel pillows or sugar packets, they tried to juggle. This went on for hours when one of them finally started to get the hang of it. They then challenged me to try my hand at it. I asked if it was for the game and it pained them to admit ‘yes’, as they had just spent hours trying to dupe me. – Get another player to juggle

Do you recommend this game? I’m a big fan of Don’t Get Got!. I’ve played it over the course of a cookout, a bachelor party, a convention, a movie night and more. It’s incredibly simple and helps liven up activities that could use something else going on. If you think your group would be into this, I highly recommend buying a copy and introducing it to them.

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