Broken Token Fantasy – Sci-Fi 1 Credit Review

I recently purchased the Broken Token Fantasy – Sci-Fi 1 Credit for the purpose of replacing the cardboard money in Clank! in! Space!. We play a lot of Clank! and I really enjoy the metal money in other games so I decided to treat myself to these coins. I chose the 1 credit denomination due to the relatively low amount of transactions in Clank!.

The tokens themselves are amazing. They have an incredible heft to them and are intricately detailed in three dimensions. The designs on both sides have a space-y theme but they don’t feel tied to a particular game, unlike other coin designs that feature a dragon or a dwarven icon.

A set features ten credits (which are oval/rectangle in nature). I purchased two sets which isn’t enough for Clank! at the moment. I may eventually purchase one or two sets of 5 credits just to help balance everything out.

This is entirely a purchase of pleasure and is not needed to play Clank! (or any game you use these for) but they definitely upped our enjoyment of the game. It creates just a little more immersion and feels good to slide the credit back and forth between your fingers.

They feel right at home in the Clank! universe and would probably be just as comfortable in other space games. I’m already examining the other offerings to see what I can incorporate in other games, namely Twilight Imperium.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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