Flash Point: Fire Rescue Dangerous Waters Expansion Review

What do you get? Two double-sided boards with one being a ship and the other being a submarine. The boards are half-boards so when they’re combined, they equal the size of the base board. There are also some additional tokens for the fireproof doors and jammed icons. There’s also a small rulebook. The expansion itself is boxless and will fit in the base box if no other expansions are present in it.

Ignore my in-process of being painted minis

What does it add? This expansion is about adding more variety to your firefighting as opposed to difficult rules or mechanical changes. Fireproof doors are added and for the most part, they act as normal doors with the exception that the doors will stop fire from moving through them. This may seem overpowered but there’s a catch: when fire should move through the door, players will roll a die. On a 1-3. the door stops the fire and nothing else happens. On a 4-6 however, the door stops the fire but becomes jammed. Doors can become jammed multiple times and to clear a jam, players will need to chop the doors down (thus removing them from the board entirely). The two new maps also offer a new way to play. While the ship map is more aligned in shape with the traditional board from the base game, the submarine map is long and tight in its design, which introduces some very interesting scenarios when trying to fight flames and rescue victims. Another addition to the maps are the inclusions of Special Machinery, which when damaged can explode and sink the ship(s), which will result in the game being lost. This new wrinkle takes the place of the traditional walls collapsing as the exterior of the boat reacts differently in this version compared to the walls of the house from the base game. There are also changes with how fire spreads against the bulkhead walls (which cannot burn down).

Would I recommend it? Yes, with a caveat. Whereas other expansions add new scenarios and rules, the difficulty remains similar to the base game. That is not true in Dangerous Waters. The submarine map is the hardest map in the Flash Point: Fire Rescue world (don’t @ me) and will cause frustration as the fire can effect the sick bay (which wounds the victims you already saved) through no fault of your own. The entire experience is claustrophobic and stressful. I absolutely love that. It provides an experience that is unrivaled by any other Flash Point map. It feels like the boss level of the game. Every game you’ve been playing before this map was just a training to prepare you to save lives on a submarine. The ship map is great for a different experience and the mechanics around the fireproof doors and special machinery are cool, but this module is made or broken by your feelings toward the submarine map. The randomness of Flash Point will haunt you as you navigate around the tighter corners but for the first time in the franchise, I feel like I’m playing to win rather than just playing for the experience. This is one of my favorite expansions of any board game I’ve ever played and again, if you want that stress and tension, I recommend adding this to your collection.

Author: Two off the Top

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