Flash Point: Fire Rescue Crate Review

I’m a big proponent of space and organization. I live in a city rowhome and I just don’t have the square footage for multiple expansion boxes. I have gotten my hands on several Broken Token inserts over the years to assist with my space problem. With some free time on my hands, I recently purchased the Flash Point: Fire Rescue Crate to help organize my pile of Flash Point games. For the most part, Flash Point expansions come as either additional boards (without a box) or in small boxes that hold additional figures. This proves troublesome as the original Flash Point box is rather small and after adding an expansion (maybe two), the box is filled to the brim. I much prefer to have all my content in one box when possible so the Crate felt like a no-brainer.

To save you the time of reading the rest of this, it trumped all my hopes and desires. I highly recommend it.

For being as large as the crate is, it only took me an hour to complete the project. Each section is relatively easy to build with few pieces and once you were done with one section, you could easily move onto another as you wait for the original set to dry (if you use glue). Once I finished the last section, I gave it ten or so minutes to set before assembling the entire crate together. It took me longer to complete the Zombicide inserts comparatively. This crate was easily one of the most uncomplicated inserts I’ve built yet.

Ignore my cluttered work station please.

As with all inserts, I highly recommend having wood glue and a rubber mallet handy to assist with construction. I also had a cutting mat to protect my table but that’s not entirely necessary. For other inserts, I used an X-Acto knife and sand paper to make sure the wood was smooth everywhere where it broke from the original holder. I didn’t need to sand anything for this crate. I would just break the piece off and attach it.

I have read other reviews from individuals (as I was getting informed about my possible purchase) and many said that wood glue was not necessary. You can easily make everything fit together sans glue but I prefer the added security that glue adds. Using glue probably added an additional five to ten minutes to the construction.

After building the crate and playing a game, I can’t say that I have any real negatives about it. The token holders come out of the crate and are used to keep the playing area tidy. All of the tokens fit comfortably in their spots and it makes set up and clean up a breeze. It definitely helps to know what the tokens are for each expansion (as they just sit in each opening) but that’s by no means a deal breaker. The holders for the miniatures are a great touch as well as they fit perfectly; leaving just enough room to pick them up with ease and you can easily see which each miniature is from above.

In addition, the crate features little handles on both sides to make for easy transportation. You’ll need to use two hands (or throw it under your arm like a football) to carry. Everything stays in its place while it’s transported but I don’t know that I’d throw it in a board game bag or anything like that.

I do have two areas that I want to highlight; not necessarily due to concern or unhappiness but just because I know some of these items are important to people.

As I don’t own every expansion (yet), I cannot comment on if every card will fit in the box if sleeved. However, I’m going to say that they won’t fit if sleeved. I don’t sleeve my cards but they’re already at capacity in the organizer as is. The event cards and the larger cards for the reference guides fit in the same location and there’s no way to separate or organize them. You could put the cards in the main area where the boards are located (and I’ve thought about doing so with different deck boxes) if needed but again, I don’t know how crowded this area will get when all expansion boards are in storage.

Speaking of the board storage area, it does its job. All boards and rulebooks (well…rule pages mostly) fit easily here and are secure when being transported. However, I wish there were shelves or dividers so you could easily identify and pull out the board(s) you want instead of having to either sift through the boards or grab them all to get the one you’re looking for. This isn’t a deal breaker in the slightest but since I purchased this insert to be a quality of life improvement, I am disappointed that this aspect of organization was neglected.

My only real concern is what happens when more expansions are released (if more are coming). Obviously this isn’t something that The Broken Token can necessarily plan for but with the ten year anniversary of the games release on the horizon, I wonder if anything additional is planned for Flash Point. I love the crate and would hate to have to buy another to fit additional items.

Author: Two off the Top

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