BG Stats Review

Since installing BG Stats in December 2017, it has become an integral aspect of our board gaming. As our phones travel wherever we go, BG Stats does as well so if we’re playing at a convention or a friends house, we can record and track what we played, who we played with, who won and more.


BG Stats is available for Android and iOS and does cost money to purchase. It’s a one-time purchase to unlock the base app. BG Stats can pair with Board Game Geek so you can further your profile by collecting your plays. If you have a BGG profile, you’ll get the most benefit by syncing the two platforms. I would even recommend creating a BGG account if you don’t have one as on its own, the real benefit comes from the interaction between the two entities, not to mention the benefits that BGG provides on its own merits.

The app allows the user to collect and store data on players, locations, games, and scores as well as featuring note fields to remember particular gaming moments and a calculator for easy to add scoring.

With all this data (and more), players can then see historical statistics for games, players, and plays as well as being able to share via social media.

BG Stats also features two expansions for a nominal fee: Deep Stats and Challenges. Deep Stats does what its name sake says: offers a more detailed view of the users gaming statistics. Charts and graphs are available, as well as top and average scores for players. Users can also more easily sort their statistics by a multitude of categories, including player count.


Challenges allows users to create any x times y challenges (such as a 10 x 10) and each time one of those games are played, it’s logged. You can also choose to not count a played game. Challenges offers a snapshot at the percentages that the user is at in relation to how much is left to play. Challenges can also be updated, unless the user decides to enable Hardcore mode which does not allow any alterations to be made. All Challenge modes allow the user to create a date range for when the Challenge begins and ends.


Board Game Stats solves a problem that won’t impact every person that plays a board game. This is a niche market and you’ll know before you even download this app whether it’s right for you. I’m a huge data junkie and love being able to sift through statistics that show scores, play times, average rounds, and more. Not only is the information interesting to me on a personal level, it’s also helpful for this very blog as I can keep track of who went first, certain strategies that were played and more that will impact any lasting impressions we have about the game.

We play a lot of games (more so before the little one came into our lives) and that data helps not only inform our game collection (as in what to keep and what to get rid of). It shows us if we’re getting better at games and in our competitive household, who is the King or Queen of a particular game. It’s also interesting comparing our scores and plays to other players online as we can see if we’re playing a particular game well or if we’re just two amateurs who will never be ready for the big leagues. The app has been integral in informing our decision about whether we should enter a convention tournament or not (Terraforming Mars, no. Castles of Burgundy, yes).

Our friends also enjoy the app, as they can see what their prior scores are and how they’ve fared in games. One friend is always asking if they’ve won a particular game when we bring it out and the app lets us know the answer (sorry John, maybe soon you’ll best Can’t Stop).

I personally love the app but again, this won’t be something for everyone.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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