What are…the Unwritten Rules of Board Gaming?

Everything has unwritten rules. Let people off the train before entering, if you’re handed a phone to look at a picture, don’t go scrolling, and when possible, leave a urinal between you and any other patrons. Board gaming is no different. This will vary from person to person, group to group, and game to game but these are the mantras that we follow after years of being in the hobby:

  • Don’t bend the cards
  • Moves can be taken back as long as no new information has been revealed
  • Plan your turns during other players turns
  • Use the restroom immediately following your turn (if needed)
  • Dice that end up on the floor don’t count and need to be re-rolled
  • Don’t roll dice on the board
  • Cards are discarded face-up unless the rules states otherwise (this isn’t about information becoming public but more about keeping the draw and discard deck separate)
  • Talk through the actions on your turn and verbalize when you’re done
  • Roleplaying and getting into character makes games better and is highly encouraged
  • Use coasters for any and all beverages
  • No bridge shuffling unless told to
  • If scoring occurs during play, one player can be in charge of the scoring (with reminders from the players that score); if scoring occurs at the end of the game, each player is in charge of tallying their points
  • The content of cards in a hand is private but the number of cards you have is public
  • Fun, first and foremost; we all want to win but it’s more about having a good time
  • Play order is clockwise unless the rulebook explicitly says otherwise
  • If it’s not your turn and something needs to be done for game pacing (such as shuffling a discard pile), lend a helping hand
  • Make change often. You shouldn’t be hoarding one’s and fives
  • When possible, you’re the same color you always are

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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