Patchwork App (Android/Chromebook) Review

Patchwork is a two-player abstract game where players compete to create quilts while using buttons as currency. I’ve reviewed the physical version before (review here) and raved about the game. I have no real issues with the physical version of the game but the digital version is a perfect implementation of the game (Android/iOS). Since downloading the app, I have not played the physical copy once. In fact, it has been loaned out to several friends over the past year or two since we purchased the app.


This puzzle game is offered by Digidiced, which has produced other digital adaptations such as The Castles of Burgundy and Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small. The importance of this is that Digidiced offers players the ability to played a Ranked Game, a casual game online against a friend or a local game against the AI or via pass-and-play against another player in the same room as you.


For players new to the Patchwork world, there’s a decent tutorial that illustrates how play is done and most importantly, how scoring is calculated. If you’ve played Patchwork before, you won’t need to play this tutorial.


The digital interface is great. The screen has the players featured in the bottom left and right corners with information regarding their scores, their available squares in their quilt, the amount of buttons they have available to them and a quick snapshot at what their boards look like. Between the two players is the Pass option. It is large and requires players to drag it from left to right to complete the action. It’s hard to misuse (which is good, as there’s no undo button for this action). Directly above that Pass button is the market of patch pieces players can purchase. The game defaults to the ones available for purchase (and highlights those that can be afforded as well) but players can scroll through the market to see what’s upcoming.


The quilt screen also allows players to turn their patch piece any which way to ensure it fits and also features an undo button to back out of selecting that piece. In addition, the top of the page shows the upcoming choices in regards to patches.

The solo mode offers several different AI’s that correspond to the three different difficulty levels. Hoo and Lula (Easy), Ute (Medium) and Uwe (Hard). Each definitely has a different feel about them and Uwe, which is the newest addition to the game, feels most like playing another player due to their decision making (mostly opportune passing). For solo mode, there are no challenges so each play is just a game of Patchwork, which is fine.

The game features two backgrounds available upon purchase and players can purchase an additional three backgrounds for $.99 each if interested. These offer absolutely no difference in gameplay but they do provide a different ambiance, if that’s your thing.


Overall, I love the Patchwork app. It’s one of the best board game digital implementations that I’ve had the privilege to play. The gameplay is streamlined, the interface is easy to navigate and it’s just plain fun (if you like Patchwork). I highly recommend the app and for us, it has replaced the physical game completely.

If you want to play me in a game, my profile is TwoofftheTop!

Author: Two off the Top

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