Ways to Play Board Games Online

As we look for ways to social distance, below is a list of resources for playing board games online with friends and strangers! I’ll try to update this as I find new options. Please let me know of any I may have missed!

Here’s a link to a Google Doc from Mark Pierce (see comments) that has a much more detailed layout of games available and where to play them.

Backstabbr – Offers the ability to play Diplomacy online.

Board Game Apps – I wrote an entirely different post for a list of modern board games that have app iterations here.

Board Game Arena – Works fine on PC and mobile while having a premium subscription for some of the games. My only issue with this platform is that there is no turn confirmation.

Board Game Core – This site only hosts four games (Antiquity, Food Chain Magnate, The Great Zimbabwe and Wir Sin Das Volk) and is available via PC and Mobile. I wish this site had more games as it does everything well and I’ve never had any issues with it.

Boardspace – This website leans heavily on two=player abstract games

Boiteajeux (BJX) – I’ve never had any issue with this site and it offers several abstract and core games to the board gaming hobby (such as Agricola). I have to translate the website but Google seems to do a good job of that.

Brass – Play some Brass.

Brettspielwelt – I don’t know how this website works but apparently there are several games to play on here.

dominion.games – Play base Dominion for free and add expansions via a subscription.

Happy Meeple – A handful of games available to play for free.

Jinteki – No experience with this one but a way to play Netrunner.

https://playagricola.com/ – Wonder what is played here?

Playdiplomacy.com – I used to play on here a lot but recently, there seems to be an email issue where the emails are not being sent to the players. This causes issues with joining and starting a game.

Role-Playing Games – Like D&D, you don’t need an actual platform to play. Fire up a webchat with several players and go on an adventure. Sites that could also prove helpful include Astral Tabletop, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 and Tabletop Simulator (mentioned later). For full disclosure,

rr18xx – Train games. 18xx games. A free platform that works on Mobile and PC. This is a great way to introduce yourself to 18xx games as the rules enforcement is top notch. The major flaw with this is that the platform is slow. Very slow. Just be prepared for that.

Secret Hitler – No personal experience with this but I’ve heard good things.

SlothNinja – Offers five games with the notables (to me) being Indonesia and Tammany Hall.

SpielByWeb – Offers seven games with the notables (to me) being Bus, Reef Encounter and Tikal.

Steam – The platform itself offers many games. While free to download Steam itself, the games will cost money.

Nintendo Switch – The Switch has branched into the board game world with games like Istanbul and others available for purchase. I also want to recommend Light Fingers, which is similar to a board game.

Tabletop Simulator – This is available through Steam and acts as a sandbox that allows you to do whatever you want to the board. This can be a little fiddly as you need to get used to the controls. The worst part is that you will need to know the rules in full of a game to play it as there’s no limitations to what you can do.

Tabletopia – Available on so many platforms but does require a high level of knowledge on how the games are played to ensure gameplay runs smoothly.

Terra Mystica – Play some Terra Mystica.

TripleA – Axis and Allies that can be played on Mac and Windows.

Vassal – A game engine that houses an absolute ton of games.

Your Turn, My Turn – A non-real time website where you will be notified via email when it’s your turn.

Yucata – Available on PC and mobile, this site is amazing as it offers something many other applications does not: rule enforcement. You cannot do something that is outside the realm of the rules and thus makes this a great way to play games that you don’t have experience with.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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