The Broken Token Dueling Gods (7 Wonders Duel) Organizer Review

I’m no stranger to purchasing inserts for my games due to my penchant for discarding expansion boxes so that everything fits in one box. The Broken Token has created the Dueling Gods Organizer that fits the base box of 7 Wonders Duel and has enough room for the expansion, Pantheon, as well, which is music to my ears.


Like almost all Broken Token inserts, construction is relatively easy and the only tool required for this insert was wood/hobby glue. Besides the card holder, I think this was the easiest insert I’ve built yet. It took a few hours to put together but that was more due to my attention being diverted to other hobbies. From start to finish, you could probably have this thing ready for use within an hour to an hour and a half and most of that time is there as you wait for the glue to set.

This insert is built to have the majority of it (namely, the card holder) remain in the box as it doesn’t have a bottom. The cards, while separated by the dividers, rest against the bottom of the box and removing the insert will cause them to fall through and mix together. The box is small enough that it can remain on the table and you don’t have to worry about space issues but I found it to be a curious design choice since other pieces are easily removed from the box and other inserts they’ve created, namely the Terraforming Mars edition, has a bottom for its long sleeve of cards.


The card rack still works and functionally, there’s not a problem with it remaining stationary but it is something I wanted to point out. The stationary design of the insert also makes sure to make room for the few boards that 7 Wonders Duel includes and the cutaways are low enough that the box sits flat when everything is stored away.

Before I forget, I want to double-back to the card holder. If you sleeve your cards, they will fit in the organizer but they will be a tight squeeze. The larger cards (the Gods and the Wonders themselves), have ample room when sleeved but it will be harder to pick up the cards that are on the bottom of the stack as the cut out doesn’t reach to the bottom of the cards. The little cards, when sleeved, will fit in the holder but you may have to adjust the width between the card dividers as they will now be slightly thicker.

If you only own 7 Wonders Duel and don’t plan on adding the Pantheon expansion, you probably don’t need to purchase this insert. The default insert in the box will serve its purpose well enough. Adding this insert will really only make set-up and tear down faster, but only marginally so in comparison. Once you add Pantheon however, that’s where space becomes a premium and the original insert no longer is functional (if combining boxes).

If you’re looking for something that helps arrange and display the cards more easily each round, this organizational tool will not do that. This insert is strictly for storage and the only real in-game benefit is the holder for the coins.


I do have one large concern regarding this insert; will fit any future expansions? As is, the insert is already fairly packed with the base game and Pantheon and adding another expansion like Pantheon will not only raise the box lid (due to the rulebook and additional board piece) but also put the card holder to the test. That doesn’t even account for any additional components that are tokens or plastic buildings/shields. One new expansion might fit but with the original 7 Wonders getting four expansions (plus a host of promo material), I could see 7 Wonders Duel receiving a similar treatment and this insert becoming obsolete…similar to the Terraforming Mars version.


This Dueling Gods insert is probably not the most necessary insert I’ve purchased but it solved the main issue I had: moving from two boxes to one. In doing so, the original insert needed to be discarded so that brought forth the next issue: organization. This insert is perfect for that. Basically, if you have both games and want them in one box; buy this insert. If you aren’t doing that, ignore this and maybe wait to see what other expansions come down the pipeline (if any).

Author: Two off the Top

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