Strategy for…BEEEEES!

BEEEEES! has been a surprise hit for my gaming group since a friend purchased it over a year ago. In fact, since they purchased a copy, we scoured the Earth and found our own copy so we would never be without. I wouldn’t suggest purchasing copies of games that your game group already owns but for us, BEEEEES! was just that good.


According to our records, I have played BEEEEES! 27 times and won 17 of those games, good for 62%. I’m saying this to say that I think I’m a BEEEEES! expert and want to share a thing or two about maximizing your potential to win the game.

Ignore Wildflowers

This is going to sound controversial but I implore you to ignore the Wildflowers when they come up. The only way I’m going to say that this is a good idea is if you roll all five of your dice and you get all five numbers needed with that roll. Otherwise, ignore them.


Why? Because other players won’t. The allure of the wild card and its scoring capabilities can be tough to pass up, especially in the heat of the moment of a real-time game. While other players are rolling three, four, five, or more times just to get one flower, you can easily snatch one or two (and sometimes three) regular flowers that other players are ignoring as they aim for the Wildflower. The gamble here is that those are colors that your Hive needs but in my opinion, the gamble is worth more than the possibility of scoring the Wildflower.

Diversify Your Dice

What I mean is don’t be afraid to use your two dice that match one Flower on two separate Flowers instead. At best, you’ve set yourself up to secure two Hives. On average, you’ll score two Helper Bees. At worse, you get nothing and get your dice back due to ties.


The Helper Bees can constitute a large swing in points, especially if you end up with the most at the end of the game.

Don’t Worry About Hive Construction

Winning a Flower and flipping it to a Hive shouldn’t require a thought. Just grab the tile, flip it over, and place it in your Hive. Don’t second guess the placement nor should you agonize over where it could go. Grabbing and placing should almost be the same motion. All you need to do is match edges and color-to-color.

Ignore Your Hive…

Once you grab a tile and place it, ignore the temptation to look back at your Hive to see what color would perfectly match what you already have going. Instead, just roll your dice and grab the Flowers that match your rolls. The more the merrier.

…But Take Note of the First Hive that You Have a Pair of

When your Hive is small, you’re bound to get a like color and place it next to its partner in your Hive. Keep note of that color and try to be extra diligent in securing that color only. You can get more points with a similar color scheme than two or three smaller matches. Don’t over complicate the game by trying to track two or three colors.

End the Game

BEEEEES! is a race and if you have the opportunity to end the game (or at least get the group on the path towards ending the game), you need to. There’s no reason to be cute and try to min/max the points you could possibly get by playing your neighbors piles because while you’re trying to score more, so are your opponents. Catch them off guard and end the game suddenly. Only one player is ever really ready for BEEEEES! to be over and that’s the player with the power to end the game.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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