2018 Play Statistics

Total Plays: 883

Different Games Played: 162

One-Player plays: 6

Two-Player plays: 377

Three-Player plays: 270

Four-Player plays: 118

Five-Player plays: 39

Six-Player plays: 48

Seven-Player plays: 18

Eight-Player plays: 2

Nine-Player plays: 2


Days: 190 different days (52% of the year)

Most Plays in One Day: 24

Different Players: 32

Locations: 13

Breakdown of the games played per day:


Player Count Breakdown:


Most Played Game: Azul (94)

Games with ten or more plays: 21

Games played only once: 65

Game with the most unique players: No Thanks! (19)

Games played at the most unique locations: No Thanks!, Loonacy, and Azul (6)

Highest Win Percentage (minimum 30 plays)*: Me at 46%

*I based this on our top ten individuals with the most plays and tenth clocked in at 30 plays



Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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