Game Haul Bag 2nd Edition Review

Last year at PAX Unplugged, we ended up going a little crazy and our haul ended up being much more than our modest backpack and tote bag could carry. On a whim I purchased the Game Haul 2nd Edition bag (they have since upgraded to the Game Haul Bag 3rd Edition) as a way to consolidate our carrying to one bag. I honestly had my reservations as my carrying expertise comes from Warhammer 40k, where cases and bags easily cost twice that amount (or more!). I figured this would survive the length of the convention and the train ride home and be that. I was wrong.

Our trade/sell pile for PAX Unplugged 2018

This bag has been a staple of our traveling with games for the past year. Whether we’re driving to beach houses, cabins in the woods, or an overnight stay at the parents place, this bag has transported and protected our games on each trip. It is amazing the amount of games you can fit into this bad boy.

The bag comes with a handle on top so it can be carried like luggage as well as straps on the back so it can be worn like a backpack. The bag zips to close on both sides and features a velcro siutation on the front flap to completely close the bag. The bottom of the bag features rubber grips so the bag sits firmly in place.


The Game Haul bag can carry six ‘Ticket to Ride” size (12x12x3) boxes safely and securing. Even with a full six, we found available room on the sides for card games and small games (like Go Nuts for Donuts, Bottom of the 9th, and Bohnanza last year).

When this bag is fully loaded, it will be heavy. Wearing it on your back for extended periods of time is not recommended if it can be avoided.


Another thing to keep in mind is that when fully loaded, the bag can become unwieldy and wide, basically making you the size of two people. When going to a friends house, this isn’t a problem. When navigating a convention, it makes an already crowded area a much tighter space.

If the bag isn’t filled with six sealed large games, it might be worthwhile to look into rubber bands for the games so the components don’t go jostling and falling out everywhere.


If you’re in the market for a bag, I can’t recommend this one enough. It just fits so much and handles everything so well that I don’t see myself looking for another bag anytime soon.

Author: Two off the Top

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