October Play Statistics

Total Plays: 102

Different Games Played: 20

Two-Player plays: 41

Three-Player plays: 25

Four-Player plays: 3

Five-Player plays: 1

Six-Player plays: 20

Seven-Player plays: 12


Days: 17 different days

Most Plays in One Day: 24

Different Players: 10*

*one of those is the Old Ones from the solo mode of AuZtralia

Locations: 1

10×10 Challenge Update (50%):

Azul 10/10

Bottom of the 9th 2/10

Bärenpark 3/10

Chinatown 2/10

Fresco 1/10

Galaxy Trucker 5/10

Imhotep 5/10

Photosynthesis 2/10

Stone Age 10/10

The Castles of Burgundy 10/10

25×5 Challenge Update (51%):

1960: The Making of the President 0/5

Acquire 0/5

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small 3/5

Alhambra 0/5

Azul 5/5

Betrayal at House on the Hill 1/5

Bottom of the 9th 2/5

Bärenpark 3/5

Captain Sonar 1/5

Chinatown 2/5

Cosmic Encounter 1/5

Fresco 1/5

Galaxy Trucker 5/5

Imhotep 5/5

Medici 4/5

Pandemic Iberia 4/5

Photosynthesis 2/5

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 2/5

Stone Age 5/5

Terraforming Mars 4/5

The Castles of Burgundy 5/5

The Cave 2/5

The Pursuit of Happiness 0/5

Twilight Struggle 2/5

Viticulture Essential Edition 5/5

Halloween resulted in a lot of party games getting played over and over and over again, namely A Fake Artist Goes to New York. We fell in love with the game and just could not stop playing. It might be the best larger group game we own.

The influx of plays was also a result of our implementation of Shelf of Shame Sundays. We realized our unplayed pile was getting a little unruly so we made it a rule that we would play a few when we had time. Sunday’s were typically the day of choice but other days worked as well. New games played in October include AuZtralia, Flamme Rouge, Meeple Circus, A Fake Artist Goes to New York,  7 Wonders Duel, Room 25 Ultimate, Downforce, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, Sailing Toward Osiris (the KS edition as opposed to the demo I played years back), Bunny Kingdom, Word Domination, and Can’t Stop. Twelve of our twenty games of October were new. A convention (Congress of Gamers) accounted for most of the new games  (Downforce, Bunny Kingdom) making their way to our home but Kickstarter (AuZtralia), trades (Meeple Circus, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space), and thrift finds (A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Word Domination) contributed as well.

With PAX Unplugged happening in November, we’re hoping to run through the remainders of our shelf of shame as well as any games that we’re having second thoughts about. We’ll see how that goes though.

I also feel like we’ve all but moved on from the 10×10 and 5×25 challenge. We still like the concept but we think we’re going to tweak it for 2019 and leave it blank, with the goal to just play games we enjoy that many times as opposed to forcing ourselves to hit a mark with other games. If we just followed the metric of games we’ve played that amount, our lists would look like the following (in order of most played):

10×10 Challenge Update (100%):

Loonacy 88/10

Azul 84/10

The Castles of Burgundy 68/10

No Thanks! 35/10

A Fake Artist Goes to New York 27/10

BEEEEES! 26/10

Sagrada 26/10

Can’t Stop 21/10

Smack Talk Showdown 13/10

Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure 13/10

25×5 Challenge Update (100%):

Loonacy 88/5

Azul 84/5

The Castles of Burgundy 68/5

No Thanks! 35/5

A Fake Artist Goes to New York 27/5


Sagrada 26/5

Can’t Stop 21/5

Smack Talk Showdown 13/5

Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure 13/5

Retro Loonacy 13/5

The Mind 13/5

The Quest for El Dorado 12/5

Kingdomino 12/5

Go Nuts for Donuts 11/5

Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension 10/5

Stone Age 10/5

Labyrinth 10/5

Cockroach Poker 10/5

Word Domination 8/5

Santorini 7/5

Codenames 6/5

Viticulture Essential Edition 6/5

Trajan 6/5

Spaceteam 6/5

…with many more 11 more games sitting at 6 or 5 plays

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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