Kitten Klash Review

Kitten Klash

Players: 2

Time: 2 minutes

Times Played: 9

Kitten Klash is a two-player speed matching game designed to be a filler between heavier games.


The game plays in one to two minutes (seriously) and all that is required for set-up is for players to separate the cards based on their back (red and blue), shuffle them independently, and then give each deck to one player.

Play happens in real-time as players act simultaneously. Players will play cards from their deck into three piles, going from left to right. Players are seated across from one another so the piles will be made in opposing fashions. The piles will match up so players will be looking at a grid of two-by-three cards in front of them. Players will continue to play cards on top of their previously laid cards with the goal being to create matches.

Matches are made when the background color of a card matches that of a card adjacent to it. Gray is a wildcard and is considered to match any card that it is adjacent to. Adjacency works for cards side-by-side (of the players own hand) and end-to-end (matching cards from the other player). When a match is made, the entire piles are taken by the speediest player and set to the side, away from the matching area.


This continues until one player is out of cards to place and yells ‘Out’. Points are awarded as two points for every card gathered that is your opponents back and one point for every card gathered that is from the deck you started with. Whoever has the most points wins and ties result in another game being played.

Each deck has seven different colors with each color having four cards, except for gray which has only two cards. The cat art will differ for the colors as Red’s cards are pirate based and Blue’s cards are Ninja orientated. You’re not matching cats so that doesn’t matter but it helps when keeping score.

If you suffer from any kind of colorblindness, I would avoid this game however as it relies so heavily on colors to make the matches. It would just be an exercise in frustration and not worth the time to play.

Kitten Klash is an especially fast-paced game that requires little instruction. It honestly might take longer to shuffle the decks than it does to play the actual game. It’s a decent little two-player game for when you want to kill time or unwind before stepping into another heavier game but the limited player count really hurts it.

The game has an incredibly tiny footprint and it can travel anywhere that you have pockets. The colors are easy to decipher (for those that can see them) and the cards themselves are a satisfactory component.


As far as matching games go, I’d rather play Loonacy as I think it’s more fun and it fits more players for when you have a larger group around. I’m also not partial to the kitten art and as there’s no theme to speak of, that’s what this game has as it’s focal point. The game also features no strategy as it’s just players flipping and revealing cards before snatching what matches they can before their opponent does. If you are into kittens, this could be a cute stocking-stuffer type gift for someone as it’s small and cheap. Playing it about three times will get your money out of it.

This might be fun for children as it works their motor skills and recognition abilities but that’s purely speculative on my part. There’s nothing offensive or bad about the game but I’d rather spend money on something that gives me a little more in the matching department.


Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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