September Play Statistics

Total Plays: 57

Different Games Played: 23

Two-Player plays: 26

Three-Player plays: 10

Four-Player plays: 15

Days: 16 different days

Most Plays in One Day: 11

Different Players: 9

Locations: 3


10×10 Challenge Update (50%):

Azul 10/10

Bottom of the 9th 2/10

Bärenpark 3/10

Chinatown 2/10

Fresco 1/10

Galaxy Trucker 5/10

Imhotep 5/10

Photosynthesis 2/10

Stone Age 10/10

The Castles of Burgundy 10/10

25×5 Challenge Update (51%):

1960: The Making of the President 0/5

Acquire 0/5

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small 3/5

Alhambra 0/5

Azul 5/5

Betrayal at House on the Hill 1/5

Bottom of the 9th 2/5

Bärenpark 3/5

Captain Sonar 1/5

Chinatown 2/5

Cosmic Encounter 1/5

Fresco 1/5

Galaxy Trucker 5/5

Imhotep 5/5

Medici 4/5

Pandemic Iberia 4/5

Photosynthesis 2/5

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 2/5

Stone Age 5/5

Terraforming Mars 4/5

The Castles of Burgundy 5/5

The Cave 2/5

The Pursuit of Happiness 0/5

Twilight Struggle 2/5

Viticulture Essential Edition 5/5

September was an interested month as several new games hit the table. Root, Scythe, Carson City, The Mind, Paperback, Word Domination, Junk Art, and The Mind all saw their first plays as they arrived in the mail. Some of these are older games and some, like Scythe, The Mind, and Junk Art, I’ve already reviewed but now I have my own copies. Junk Art is also the plastic version so there will be a comparison of the plastic and wood in the near future.

Some initial thoughts of what we played:

Carson City: I really liked it, especially how quick of a game it is. I wish there were more characters to choose from each round and after a preliminary play, this does feel like a game that needs more than two to really unlock its charm.

Junk Art (Plastic): The wood has such a satisfying feel, weight, and sound but I think it’s easier to stack the plastic pieces. Cheaper too.

The Mind: We plowed through several games of this and love it. I’ve shared our thoughts in the actual review but this is a great filler game.

Paperback: Paperback had been sitting on our shelves for awhile before we finally decided to read the rules and play it. It was a lot of fun and we’ve played a few times now. I’m really bad at word games and the amount of wild letters you can get doesn’t make it easier for me but it’s a fun game and I feel like I fare better at it than I do at Scrabble. For about two weeks, it was my favorite word building game. More on that in a few entries.

Rajas of the Ganges: Rajas of the Ganges is beautiful. Just an absolute stunning game. That’s obvious from the box so the question that remains is about the gameplay. This game is very good and offers zero maintenance once the game begins. No shuffling of cards between rounds. No resetting some goods after a players turn. No disbursement of payment to the players. It’s such a smooth game that once it’s set up, it’s hard not to play two or three times in a row just because of how fluid everything is. I can’t praise enough how nice it is to just play a game with what’s in front of you. It’s also worth noting that set up is simple so it’s not like other games where you spend ten minutes putting everything in its place. There will be a review of Rajas in the near future.

RootThe hotness right now. Sat down for a four-person game and…it was neat. I definitely want to play again now that I have a much better understanding of the mechanics and strategy but I was not blown away. I played as the Vandal and felt pretty limited at times. I am excited to play it again and try different player counts but the hotness, at least for me, has simmered quite a lot.

Scythe: Still enjoyable. I want to get a dedicated group so we can knock out The Rise of Fenris.

Word Domination: This game has been on our radar for awhile but we could never find a copy. I strolled into my local store the other week and in the used section it sat. I didn’t hesitate as I snatched it up and it has far surpassed my wildest dreams. The theme and artwork are amazing. The mechanics are solid. The game has the perfect amount of decision-making and player interaction and games last the absolute ideal amount of time. Word Domination has probably skyrocketed into my top ten games. I am dreadful at word games and I honestly cannot get enough of this. We haven’t even attempted the special powers side of the characters yet. I am one hundred percent smitten.

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