A Strategic Look at the Clank!: Dire Wolf Promo Card


The Dire Wolf, appearing via promo card, probably owes its appearance to Dire Wolf Digital (the company that helps run the Renegade Game Studio apps) and Game of Thrones, where their fandom is plastered everywhere. This card fits the theme of the creatures shown hulking about Game of Thrones as they’re large beasts that are looking for a fight. The Dire Wolf is one of the better promos in my opinion as it’s cheap and while the text of the card is situational, it provides other benefits (skill points, boots, and an end of game victory point) that more than offset the randomness of hopefully revealing this card at the same time Monsters are available. I enjoy the scaling of the additional Clank! and swords per monster, as it fits the beast motif and it’s thirst for violence while keeping with the push-your-lock style of Clank!.

Where the Dire Wolf really takes off is the expansions, as the risk/reward is much higher due to Sunken Treasure’s Goldfish and The Mummy’s Curse Mummy. That, coupled with the Goblin, are guaranteed two swords and two Clank! every time the card is revealed in your hand. That’s big and can add up quickly, especially if this card is available for purchase early.




Author: Two off the Top

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