What am I Kickstarting?


Pledged and Delivered

Container: 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition (Early Bird) – Economic and negotiation games are my favorite genre of games in this hobby. I have no idea why as I don’t consider myself astute financially or a great wordsmith but I just have fun when playing these types of games and honestly, that’s what this hobby is all about. When Container was announced as getting a reprint, I had to look into it and while the price was high, this was something that appeared to scratch the itch. As this game just came in the mail, I haven’t had a chance to play it. I will say for the price tag that I was a little disappointed in the component quality. I also understand people wanting to “deluxify” their titles but I don’t think this game needed that and the actual container ships are a little unwieldy. While cool, I don’t know if they’re practical.

Gloomhaven (2nd Printing) – Gloomhaven sits on my shelf of shame. I just have not had time to delve into the game like I want to. I’m also a tad bit intimidated by the contents and am waiting until I order an insert to help keep everything organized. I’ll probably pick one up at PAX Unplugged and then I’ll immerse myself in the world that is Gloomhaven.

The Hobby Holder (The Hobbyist Early Bird) – Around the time I ordered this, I was painting a lot of minis. Warhammer 40k, Zombicide, Fire Rescue, The Godfather, and more. I don’t have a dedicated painting space so I typically just set-up shop and paint where I can before deconstructing later. The Hobby Holder has been a godsend as it lets me paint anywhere easily. I can sit on our sofa and paint while lounging with the knowledge that the mini is secure and most importantly, my hands are not covered in paint. Being granted a full 360 degree view of your model without worrying about smudging anything also made painting quicker, which is great when you’re slogging through Imperial Guard and Ork armies.


Manta Sleep Mask (x2) – Rachel wanted a sleep mask and everything I was finding seemed ‘cheap’ to me. I stumbled upon this Kickstarter and thought that this was the solution. How right I was. These things are incredibly comfortable due to the soft cup eye covers and there is absolutely no light coming in from anywhere. Whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or sides, this mask conforms to your body for maximum comfort. I was not a sleep mask person until this. I honestly wish I bought more.

Mint Delivery (Mint Manager) – I’m always looking for games that are condensed, fun, and be taken anywhere. Loonacy, Cockroach Poker, and No Thank! currently fit that mantra and Mint Works and Mint Delivery have now been added to the pile.

Peak Oil – Of my delivered pledges, this is my only regret. The campaign was amazing and the finished product is great, but the gameplay just doesn’t resonate with me like I thought it would. I don’t really have much else to say about it. Everything was great until after I played and it dawned on me that this wasn’t as fun as I hoped.


Saloon Tycoon: The Ranch Expansion (The Complete Package) – I’m a sucker for western themed games and when I saw I could get all of Saloon Tycoon, I jumped on it. When the pledge officially locked in, I had some real worry as Rachel is not a western fan and I had no idea how I’d get this to the table. She’s always down for giving a game a try once and that’s all it took before she was hooked. The art, the characters, the three dimensional building…all of it appeals to us and the expansions add more of the same, which I’m perfectly okay with. They don’t reinvent the wheel or change the gameplay in a way that confuses players.

Smack Talk Showdown (Early Backer Special) – I always thought of wrestling as my guilty pleasure in life but I honestly let everyone know that I’m a huge fan. Just treat it as a soap opera and you’ll understand it. I backed Smack Talk Showdown because it had a wrestling theme. I also wanted a party game but I didn’t think any of my friends would be into this at all. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When we bring this out, we play for at least an hour and everyone gets into it. Even if they’re not comfortable pretending to be a boisterous wrestler, they can be the audience or the promoter. This is probably the biggest hit of all my pledges if based upon price, times used, and fun factor (since sleep masks, while amazing, aren’t fun). If you want to see more of my thoughts, I wrote about this gem here.

Steve Lichman Volume 1 (Adventurer Edition) – I randomly backed this comic as the preview was funny to me. When it arrived, we both really enjoyed two-thirds of the book. A certain character appears midway through the book and we did not care for their story arc that impacted the main story. We enjoyed this so much, Rachel made me a fake Chomp-Chomp from the comic that I display on my desk. My only regret is that I missed the second volume, which appears to be sold out at the moment.

“Reach that sweaty little hand my way and see what happens.”

Zombicide: Black Plague (Knight) – Black Plague came out around the time we were really getting into season one of Zombicide. The game was filling the void of the Left 4 Dead franchise for us and we were having a lot of fun chucking dice and running from zombies. The game wasn’t perfect but we enjoyed it. With the announcement of Black Plague (and more importantly, feeling like we missed out on the previous seasons of Zombicide), we jumped on the bandwagon so we could get those sweet, sweet KS exclusives. Black Plague is probably the best Zombicide we’ve played (we now own Season One, 1.5, Two, and Three) and the theme feels a little more fleshed out compared to the base games. I don’t regret this back one bit and while we haven’t opened everything yet, I’m okay with it. We go through cycles with our games and when we return to Zombicide, it’ll be with new content.

So much unopened Zombicide…

Currently Pledged

AuZtralia (Old One Slayer) – This might be an impulse pledge by me but for some reason, I’m incredibly intrigued by this Martin Wallace game. As a designer, he has been hit or miss in our household but I’m fascinated by the mechanics of AuZtralia. The rail building, the time track, the exploration, etc. The simulation of railways and creating colonies and fighting back big bads is such a cluster that it could fall flat on its face or it could turn into something beautiful. I’m not the biggest Cthulhu person in the world but the Lovecraftian setting is fleshed out enough for me to be intrigued by the theme and more so, the personality that it grants this game. I also like that this game doesn’t feature minis (minus one for backers) as this looks like it could have just been a miniature fest if they wanted it to be. This looks like something that will be fun to play solo as well as at two-players. I put a lot of research into my pledge for this game and am probably most excited for this copy out of all my current pledges.

Campaign Trail (Deluxe Pledge) – I really enjoy games with a political theme, especially when they’re more grounded in realism as opposed to parody. 1960: The Making of the President is a game I quite enjoy and Campaign Manager 2008 still sees the table at least once a year (I wish people would make ‘expansions’ of Campaign Manager that looked at others elections. I would snatch that up in a heartbeat). The only problem with those games are that they only play two-players. Campaign Trail looks to break that mold but unfortunately, I have no idea when (or if) this game will ever release. This is my only outright bad Kickstarter experience as the game was originally slated to be released in November 2016 and with it being August 2018, I honestly don’t see the end in sight. From the recent updates, it looks like this game may be in production before the year closes out but I’ve chalked this game up to more of a surprise if it ever shows up. This is the good and the bad of Kickstarter and while I’m not pleased with how this campaign has unfolded, I did not have to back this game originally. I knew the possible risks.

The 7th Continent (Rookie Pledge w/ Three Expansions) – It’s hard to read about The 7th Continent and avoid spoilers. I really don’t want to know anything about the story of the game but it’s hard to read about the mechanics and not get told something. In my reading and watching, I’ve learned one thing: The 7th Continent is a very divisive game. Probably the most contentious game that’s been released since I really got into modern board gaming. I honestly don’t know if this is a game that I’ll sink seventy hours into and not bat an eye or if I’ll play five hours and the novelty will wear off immediately. But I have to know. It looks like something my fianceé and I could really get into and get lost in…it also looks like a fiddly mess that frustrates us to no end due to a bad choice. The case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) was real with this campaign as secondhand copies (which is my typical forte), are hard to get your hands on. I’m insanely curious to see how this story telling game goes as the theme and mechanics speak to me and I’m ready to get lost in a game for hours. I unfortunately will be waiting until 2019 to find out though. That being said, it will probably still arrive before Campaign Trail…


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