June Play Statistics

Total Plays: 105

Different Games Played: 31

Two-Player plays: 33

Three-Player plays: 19

Four-Player plays: 9

Five-Player plays: 8

Six-Player plays: 3

Seven-Player plays: 4


Days: 16 different days

Most Plays in One Day: 19

Different Players: 14

Locations: 4

10×10 Challenge Update (50%):*

Azul 10/10

Bottom of the 9th 2/10

Bärenpark 3/10

Chinatown 2/10

Fresco 1/10

Galaxy Trucker 5/10

Imhotep 5/10

Photosynthesis 2/10

Stone Age 10/10

The Castles of Burgundy 10/10

25×5 Challenge Update (48%):*

1960: The Making of the President 0/5

Acquire 0/5

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small 2/5

Alhambra 0/5

Azul 5/5

Betrayal at House on the Hill 1/5

Bottom of the 9th 2/5

Bärenpark 3/5

Captain Sonar 1/5

Chinatown 2/5

Cosmic Encounter 1/5

Fresco 1/5

Galaxy Trucker 5/5

Imhotep 5/5

Medici 4/5

Pandemic Iberia 4/5

Photosynthesis 2/5

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 1/5

Stone Age 5/5

Terraforming Mars 3/5

The Castles of Burgundy 5/5

The Cave 2/5

The Pursuit of Happiness 0/5

Twilight Struggle 2/5

Viticulture Essential Edition 5/5

*”I think we’re going to revamp our Challenges. After playing a few games, we realize we just did not like them enough to keep going. For instance, I am not playing another round of Galaxy Trucker in 2018. I might as well add that to my Resolutions. But we’re also incredibly stubborn. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.”

Well, that’s what I said last month. I was vetoed pretty harshly by my Fianceé as “we’re not quitters.” Harumph.

This was a heavy play month due to a vacation (yay for travel-sized games!) and the first game night hosted at work.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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