The Broken Token Mini Tabletop Card Holder (3 Tray) Review

I recently purchased The Broken Token Mini Tabletop Card Holder (3 Tray) (whew…a mouthful) to use to conserve table space for a game of Twilight Imperium 4. I had other uses in mind when I purchased it but it’s primary function was for TI4.

Constructing the card holder was an absolute breeze. It took me roughly five minutes and the only tool I needed was a hammer. As seen in the photos, I brought glue along but so far, it wasn’t needed initially and after flailing it around and using it during a 9.5 hour game, glue has still not been needed. The pieces fit very snugly and the hammer ensured no wiggle room was left.


When breaking the pieces from their wooden coffins, it is important to take your time and be patient as pulling or pushing too hard could result in splintering of the wood. I did splinter the wood on one of the trays (as I am incredibly impatient) but you can’t even see it as I used a piece of sand paper to smooth out the rough edge.

The holder is designed for mini or Euro sized cards and they fit perfectly.

Where’s the split in the wood?

The cards are tight enough that they’re not going to fall to the sides or out of the holsters but not tight enough that you can’t pull the cards out. They can be stacked fairly high and there is a bit of an overhang in the front which helps with lifting the cards out of their holder. The openness of the back exists for the same reason. Also, due to the design of the overhang, the weight of the cards is distributed so only a little is placed with no support. This doesn’t seem important but when you press down to pick a card up, the result is that they stay in place as opposed to being flung everywhere. It basically meant I didn’t have to think about picking up a card. I just did it and everything was fine.

The holder filled it’s purposed of keeping everything tidy, organized, and out of the way and while I wished I would have sprung for a four or five spot card holder, I actually think I’m going to invest in another three spot holder as it’s an ideal size and can be used across a variety of games.


I do wish there was a good way to store this as I would like to add an additional one (and a full-size holder or two) to our collection but I worry about having them just sit out on the shelves and take up awkward amounts of space.

It’s also a luxury as opposed to a necessity. The cards could have easily just been placed on the flat table surface and with constant monitoring, they could be kept in their tight piles but I did greatly appreciate the space they conserved especially for a game as epic as Twilight Imperium, where table space is at a premium.

All in all, I’m very happy with this edition to our board gaming nights and it will probably be joined by a companion or two in the near future.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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