Viticulture Metal Coins

Stonemaier Games released a set of seventy-two (72) metal lira to complement the Viticulture/Tuscany experience. The set includes thirty-six (36) copper-colored one-lira valued coins, twenty-four (24) silver-colored two-lira valued coins, and twelve (12) gold-colored five-lira valued coins.


The coins add no difference to gameplay or mechanics and won’t change any strategy or tactics related to the game and how it’s played. Regarding the experience however…they’re nothing short of awesome.

The coins have some solid heft to them and the clink of the metal as they tap is oddly satisfying. The design’s on the coins fit the theme of the game and the different sizes and colors make them easy to distinguish and use. The coins also have symbols to ensure that there is no mistaking the value of a coin.


We have had the coins for over a year and after upwards of fifty plays (and being jostled as they’re carried up and down the steps), there is zero wear or tear on them. I store them in craft baggies (one for each denomination) so there has been ample opportunity for them to be jostled around.

The only real issue I have with them is that they don’t stack. This isn’t an issue for Viticulture personally as you’re never really making enough money for it to be a problem but it does hamper the ability of the coins to be used as currency in other games where money is flowing more fluidly. I mention the stacking issue specifically as space is a static commodity and some games tend to take up more real estate than others, so the ability to have a concise pile helps mitigate the expansions of boards, player aids, and the like. This is not a deal breaker in the slightest (as I obviously still own and enjoy them greatly) but it is worth noting in case you were interested in using these coins for other games.

The denominations (1, 2, and 5) are more geared to Viticulture as well so that might make sharing them across games more difficult.


The coins can also be a tad pricey for what is essentially bling for a board game. They add a deeper enjoyment to the experience for me but they don’t provide anymore intrinsic value than the cardboard money that was included with the game. There was nothing wrong with the cardboard currency that was originally implemented but there’s something soothing (to me) about rolling that large metal five between your fingers as you wait to see who screws up your plans this season. If you’re in a position where you want to pimp out a game that you play a lot of, I highly recommend getting a set of the Viticulture coins as they just add another great aesthetic to an already beautiful game. That being said, if you’re on the fence I would say save your money and use that for another game to add to your collection! Or bills or something. Whatever is important to you.


Author: Two off the Top

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