What is…International Tabletop Day

On April 28th, 2018, the world will celebrate International Tabletop Day, which is a day to celebrate all things involving tabletop gaming. The site hyperlinked above is hosted by Geek and Sundry and will help you find events occurring near you on April 28th, 2018.

Shops typically host events during the day and some retailers also host sales during the event. It’s a good way to get involved in either your local store or host your friends for a day of gaming.

No matter your comfort level or skill regarding board games, you will be welcomed by all on International Table Top day so don’t feel discouraged if you’re making your first foray into the modern board gaming world.

We typically make a point to visit our local store and partake in buying something new and playing something they have on their shelves. Everyone is so friendly and it’s really cool to play a game you’ve played hundreds of times against someone else you’ve never met and they utilize strategies you would have never thought of.

If I can’t make it to my local store, I tend to frequent retailer sites like CoolStuffInc or MinitatureMarket, as well as Amazon. Amazon’s deals are typically on gateway games so they are a great way to introduce yourself to the hobby. Amazon also tends to have their sales on the week leading up to Tabletop Day so players can have their games to play on the 28th. I haven’t been able to verify if that will still be the case in 2018 but it has rang true for the past few years. With that being said, there is a glut of counterfeit board games being distributed by sellers (either knowingly or unknowingly) on Amazon currently so proceed with caution. For full disclosure, I have received one counterfeit game (Isle of Skye) and had everything rectified.

Regarding CoolStuffInc, they use packing peanuts for their shipments which does protect your items but also negatively impacts the environment. My last shipment from CoolStuffInc was awhile ago so they may have changed their packing formula but I was unable to find anything online stating as such.

As a minor tangent, I also personally don’t care if the boxes are a little banged up since to me, it’s the components that matter and if the box is functional, that’s good enough for me. Obviously this is my view and others prefer pristine games but I don’t mind a bump or two if the environment is just a tad safer.

I also want to make note that these are my go-to’s as I live in the United States so your favorites might differ depending on your locale. For another location that I have heard good things from but don’t have experience with personally, look at Cardhaus. But I would recommend checking out your local store first if they’re friendly and you’re able to since most offer more than just retail value. I’m blessed with a phenomenal local store so I’m obviously biased and spoiled in this regard.

I hope everyone has a great International Tabletop Day and I’d love to hear what you all are looking to play! I hope to be lively on social media, cataloging our plays if I remember to post!

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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