January Play Statistics

Total Plays: 76

Different Games Played: 28

Two-Player Plays: 46

Three-Player Plays: 26

Four-Player Plays: 2

Nine-Player Plays: 2

Days: 16 different days (Most games occurring on Saturday’s and Sunday’s but all days were represented)

Most Plays in One Day: Saturday, January, 27th with 12

Different Players: 11 (My fiancee and I accounted for 74% of all plays)

Locations: 3

My win rate: 50%


Games Played:

The Castles of Burgundy (x14)

Azul (x12)

The Quest for El Dorado (x6)

Stone Age (x6)

Viticulture (x5)

Loonacy (x4)

Dream Home (x2)

Secret Hitler (x2)

Dice City (x2)

Barenpark (x2)

Modern Art (x2)

Pandemic Iberia (x2)

The Cave (x2)

Saboteur (x1)

Patchwork (x1)

Veggie Garden (x1)

CV (x1)

Blokus (x1)

Tikal (x1)

Agricola: ACBAS (x1)

Kingdomino (x1)

Imhotep (x1)

Twilight Struggle (x1)

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (x1)

Fresco (x1)

Terraforming Mars (x1)

Kingdom Builder (x1)


Any other stats people would be interested in?

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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