2018 Board Game Resolutions

With 2018 upon us, I figured it was as good a time as any to work on our resolutions for the year. Since board gaming is such an important part of our life, why not have a few resolutions focused strictly around board games? With that in mind, this is what we came up with:

1) Play every game we own at least twice and get rid of games that do not get played or that we no longer enjoy/will not play again;

2) Host four “tournaments” throughout the year among our friends. Those that follow me on social media may have noticed a December tournament that was posted. That was the guinea pig for 2018. The overall winner after four tournaments will receive a $20 donation to the non-profit of their choice, which will be matched through my work. There will also be a traveling trophy;

3) Play three games at our friendly local board games store (Games and Stuff) in their backroom to see if we like them before buying and to enjoy the experience. We are really bad about trying before buying and even worse at sampling the mind-boggling array of games that our FLGS has to offer;

4) Complete a 10×10 challenge (10 games played 10 times each).

The five games that I have picked are:


1) Azul,


2) Chinatown,


3) Fresco,


4) Stone Age, and


5) The Castles of Burgundy.

Rachel has chosen:


6) Galaxy Trucker,


7) Barenpark,


8) Photosynthesis,


9) Imhotep, and


10) Bottom of the 9th.

5) Log every play of 2018 (I am currently using the BG Stats on Android for our logs. It syncs with BGG if you want to track our plays!);

6) Complete a 25×5 (which should be easy considering the goal of playing everything twice from our collection). This will include our ten from our other challenge but if we start breezing through this, we’ll adjust accordingly. For the remaining fifteen, we decided upon the following:


11) Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective,


12) Acquire,


13) Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small,


14) Alhambra,


15) Pandemic (I just don’t know which one though…),


16) Captain Sonar,


17) The Cave,


18) Medici,


19) Terraforming Mars,


20) Twilight Struggle,


21) Viticulture,


22) Betrayal at House on the Hill,


23) The Pursuit of Happiness,


24) 1960: The Making of the President, and


25) Cosmic Encounter.

This was a little harder than we imagined. There was several games that I wanted to include and just couldn’t find the space. I know I’ll play some of the games that weren’t listed five or more times over the course of the year but I feel like I’m picking my favorite dog of the household (which is Luna, sorry Miles).


Games that narrowly missed the cut: Carcassonne, Broom Service, The Manhattan Project, K2, Lords of Vegas, and Burgle Bros. I have to move onto the next resolution or else I’m going to adjust the list for the fifth time.

7) Limit new game purchases to less than $250¬†throughout the year, excluding gift cards/trades made. We’re finally coming into our own on what we want and like to play. We actually have a pretty good track record of playing all games we buy (I can only think of two off the top of my head that we’ve never played yet). This will help cull our collection as well as there’s only so much space to put all these things. I will say this will be the toughest goal to keep. We typically buy most of our games used or second-hand so the prices are far cheaper than normal so when a deal pops up, we’ll have to really think if we want it or not. We’ve also used new game purchases as a reward for job milestones and such. Off the top of my head, I can think of ten games I want right now and that doesn’t include 2018 releases. Ugh. Such a first world problem;

8) Play at a local meetup group (such as the Windup Space or my FLGS) twice (just in case we go on a bad/dead night the first time). This could obviously become more than a once or twice thing but with grad school, work, and volunteering, I don’t want to over-commit ourselves;

9) Play in a tournament of some sort. I wanted to sign up for one at PAX Unplugged but was unsure of the time commitment or skill level and while I feel like I would be washed by most players, I think it would be a fun experience. I know my local store has a few tournaments throughout the year as well so I might hop on one of those;

10) Attend two board game related events. This could be PAX Unplugged again or a demo event or UnPub but I want to participate more in the hobby;

11) Finish a prototype of my board game. We had an activity advent calendar this year and one of the days was “Create your own board game”. In the span of three days, Rachel created this cute little card game based on throwing snow balls at one another. It even had fun artwork! I meanwhile…dropped the ball. Not saying this game is going to be anything that will ever be mentioned again but I figure by putting it here, someone somewhere will call me out on it at the end of 2018;

12) Review over half of our collection. This is completely feasible and will force me to play some games just so I can get a fresh take on our collection. It will be interesting to see what aged well and what didn’t or has been replaced by something superior;

13) Crosspost to BGG all reviews. I am so bad at this. I love the discussion it creates and need to be more proactive in posting;

14) Get a logo! I’d like something that would make the blog stand out a little more besides the sweet name;

15) Lastly, we’re going to go into 2018 with both of our top ten lists posted before January is over and see how they differ in 365 days.

I cannot wait to see how this plays out by the end of the year. Also, if you’re wondering why this is labeled “Parking Lot” as opposed to “Review“, that’s the title I’ll be using for 2018 regarding anything that isn’t a direct review of a game or an event.

Author: Two off the Top

Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his significant other tolerates.

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